General Public Users

Is the price fully inclusive?
Yes. The price you see is the price you pay.

Is there a deposit to pay?
No! All we ask is that you pay using a Debit or Credit card and we retain your details on the rental agreement.

Is insurance fully comprehensive or third party?
Fully comprehensive

Can I provide my own insurance?
Yes but this facility is available only to companies with fully comprehensive fleet insurance policies.

What is the insurance excess?
In the event of a claim you are responsible for the first £1000 of that claim. However on mini buses over 9 seats and 7.5ton vehicles the excess is £1500 this also applies to drivers under 25yrs of age.

Can I reduce the insurance excess?
You can reduce the insurance excess to £350 by payment of £10 per day but this must be declared at commencement of hire. However this is not available on buses over 9 seats, vehicles over 3.5ton gross vehicle weight or going over seas and drivers under 25yrs of age.

Overhead Damage?
The hirer accepts full liability for any overhead damage caused to the vehicle regardless of cost.

What time can I pick up and return vehicles?
All Hires start and end at 9am. All vehicles must be returned by 9am on the return day.

Are the vehicles collected and returned fuelled?
No. Our policy on fuel is return the vehicle with the same fuel it had in it when you picked it up.

Are there any mileage charges? All one day hires come with unlimited milage. We do have a weekly milage allowance of 850 miles, if you exceed this limit the charge will be 10 pence per mile + VAT. For example 100 miles will cost £10.00+VAT provided you are using the vehicle within the UK.

Where do I collect the vehicle?
You can collect your chosen vehicle from on of our local depots. Parking for your own vehicle is available upon request. KVS Hire Ltd accepts no responsibility for accident loss or damage to vehicles/persons whilst on the premises.

Can KVS Hire deliver the vehicle to me?
Unfortunately not at present. You will need to collect the vehicle to complete hire documentation

Can I return the vehicle outside opening hours?
No. Our site is secured and vehicles must be returned within our opening hours.

Are there age restrictions on the hire?
Yes. Drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 years.

I have recently passed my test is it a problem?
Yes you must have held a full licence for minimum 2 years

I do not have a UK licence!
We can only hire to holders of a full UK or EU licence. All other international licence holders please contact one of our offices.

What if I have convictions on my licence?
Minor convictions are unlikely to be a problem but please declare all convictions and we will endeavour to assist.

I have a new licence but I can’t find the green paper section what is the procedure?
Provided you have the Pink card it is possible to get clearance by telephone call from the DVLA but they charge for the information and we pass the charge on to you. The charge is £5 plus VAT

I don’t have a passport?
Then we will accept any formal secondary form of photographic ID

My passport is out of date?
The passport does not have to be valid

All my utility bills are now on line so I don’t have one?
We require formal documentation showing the same address as your licence. Bank statements or similar are acceptable.

Can we have more than one driver?
Yes. Any additional drivers must meet our strict criteria, attend our offices and complete and sign our documentation prior to driving our vehicle. Additional drivers are chargeable at £10 per driver per day plus VAT

What if I breakdown?
Full breakdown is cover included. Details can be found in the tax disc holder and on the inspection report of all our vehicles.

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